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                                                                              Investing With a Conscience

If Wall Street’s reputation sours your taste for finance, you should consider a career in sustainable investment. Socially responsible investment (SRI) firms seek to support companies that contribute to the well-being of society and the environment [1]. The existence of SRI firms may be news to you, but some have been around for decades. What’s more, their portfolios are competitive with the portfolios of traditional investment firms.

Boston-based Honeybee Capital (HC) is one such firm devoted to sustainable investment. After almost two decades working for Fidelity, a traditional equity management firm, HC Founder and CEO Katherine Collins ’90 realized that her work was no longer aligned with her values. She resigned from her job, traveled the world, earned her Master of Theological Studies degree at Harvard Divinity School, and founded HC [2]. Why did she name her firm Honeybee Capital? “Bees are able to make optimal decisions partly because they have strong common value systems. We believe that by investing with a strong and consistent value system we, too, can generate optimal decisions over time” [3].

Another exemplary SRI firm in the Boston area is Trillium Asset Management. According to their website, Trillium is “the oldest independent advisor devoted exclusively to sustainable and responsible investing” [4]. Trillium was founded in 1982 by Joan Bavara, who some consider to be the “Founding Mother” of socially responsible investing [5]. Although Bavara passed away in 2008, the firm is committed to the same socially-responsible principles upon which it was established.

For those who are concerned about balancing their conscience with their passion for finance, this field presents a possible career area. For more information about local firms, visit the website of the Boston Area Sustainable Investment Consortium at For a broader range of information about sustainable investment firms, visit:

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Article written by Emily Grandjean