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PandaSundae is a start-up that offers a curated selection of fashion apparel and gadgets that are trendy world-wide.  PandaSundae presented at eight campuses on the East Coast this past week, including Wellesley! The biggest part of its presentation was information about the upcoming PandaSundae Collegiate Marketing Challenge. The student teams who choose to compete are tasked with making a rough plan for how PandaSundae could spend up to $300 in two weeks to achieve maximal marketing impact. The first draft of the marketing plan is due by April 11th. If selected, students will be paired up with mentors from top companies including McKinsey, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Barclays to further their business endeavors with PandaSundae. They will also receive formal internship opportunities as assistant marketing strategist, assistant merchandising analyst, and social media editor. Wellesley Women In Business strongly encourages students to get involved! Whether it is “getting your feet wet” in the business world, or gaining precious mentorship with professionals, this is not an opportunity to pass by. Here are a few tips from PandaSundae regarding how to make your initial draft of the marketing plan:

a.     Do not think too much about what a formal marketing plan should look like (you are not judged on form), but rather, be creative about how you can achieve PandaSundae’s goals by getting more Facebook likes and increasing sales!

b.      PandaSundae will help you formalize your marketing plan later down the road, but here is an article that will help you think through some of the important assumptions and questions

c. Internship Opportunities: PandaSundae is excited to work with you, so let us know if you have any additional questions or suggestions for new positions!

If you have any questions, please direct them to Ms. Jessica Lam at .