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When it comes to finding internships and jobs, there’s nothing more useful than listening to the advice of those who have been there and done that.  On the 9th April, WWIB organized the Senior Panel, and it remains as one of our most anticipated events of the year.

This year, our speakers have gotten incredible offers in a variety of industries including investment banking, consulting (management, economics, strategy), technology, civil service, journalism and much more.  Those of us looking to find internships received invaluable advice – from job hunting, the application process, what employers look for, industry culture to some of the personal challenges that they faced.

Starting the search for internships is often the hardest part of the process, but our seniors reminded us that although it may seem overwhelming, a little research is all it takes, and one find will lead to the next.  They also reminded us to make use of the networks we have around us – from speaking with our Professors to utilizing the W Network.  They reminded us how our incredible alumni network and impressive faculty is one of the biggest advantages of being at Wellesley, and this is particularly useful in this part of the process as there are so many people we can reach out to look for guidance and help during our search.

In terms of how to prepare for interviews and such, our seniors also gave us some very useful and specific advice.  They said getting experience is crucial – be it small internships during winter or research projects with professor, the more and the more varied the better.  However, even if we don’t have all (or any) of those, we should not feel inadequate because what we lack in some areas we make up in others.  Prerana Nanda (’14) who’s going into economic consulting, wisely said, “Don’t apologise for what you don’t have on your resume,” because what we do have is what’s going to set us apart from other candidates.  Moreover, instead of just listing everything we ever did on our CV, we should go a step further, reflecting on what we learnt, thinking about how those things connect and in doing so, create a coherent narrative for ourselves.

On the other hand, sometimes things do go wrong during interviews – after all, we’re just human and it is understandable in high-pressured situations like these.  We should not get shaken, but always be prepared to acknowledge that we made a mistake, because companies focus on your thought process, and above all, they value humility because that is a reflection of your ability to work in a group, take criticism and make room for improvement.

Most of all, our seniors reminded that no matter how daunting the process seems now, we will all get through it.  They told us to remember that by being a Wellesley student, we already have a leg up, and that our professors, the CWS, so many our alumni and they themselves are always here to help.  Thank you so much seniors!